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Domestic and Commercial Security Services - Ipswich, Suffolk

We provide, install and maintain all types of security systems for your domestic and business needs, ranging from a simple door entry system, Access control system, DVD based camera system (CCTV DVR) through to alarm systems including Redcare/GSM police connections.

Working with you, we would first identify your needs and your budget to find out the best security solution and equipment for you. We could then provide you with a full service from installing the security equipment through to maintaining your entire security system.Thanks to our 24 hours on call service you can contact us at any time should you have a query or a concern regarding your security solution.

We provide our security services throughout Suffolk and East Anglia. Whether you are in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Stowmarket, we can help you!

These are the main services and Security Solution we specialise in:

Maintenance contract for Security Systems

  • Our maintenance contractscover both security systems installed by GS Security and existing intruder alarms from other providers.
  • Contact GS Security 24 hours a day for emergency. Maintenance contract customers get priority over others for interventions.
  • Visit on annual basis for maintenance/review
  • Replacement of the parts for the GS Security installed equipment is free of charge, including the parts.
  • Save money: the cost of a maintenance contract is approximately 80% of one call-out/maintenance visit on any 12 month, hence a saving of 20%!

Maintenance contract for BT RedCare GSM alarms

  • The maintenance of the BT Redcare GSM alarm equipment is taken over entirely by GS Security, including parts.
  • Contact GS Security 24 hours a day for emergency. Maintenance contract customers get priority over others for interventions.
  • Visit on annual basis for maintenance/review.
  • Replacement of the parts for the BT RedCare GSM Alarm is free of charge, including the parts.
  • Adhoc data analysis of the Central Station Alerts for intrusions or alarm anomalies may be provided on request.

CCTV Systems with Digital Video Recording (DVR)

  • CCTV with DVR devices are becoming very popular as they act not only as crime prevention but also can be used by the police as part of an investigation.
  • We design and install the solution suitable to your needs.
  • Optional remote viewing through iPhone or laptop (over the Internet) available.
  • Wiredorwireless CCTV DVR Solutions.
  • We can provide the maintenance of the CCTV Systems installed by GS Security, including parts.

Installationof Intruder/Burglar alarms and Access Control systems

  • New installation of intruder/burglaralarms and Access Control systems
  • Wired or wireless intruder alarms solutions.
  • May be installed in conjunction with Access Control system.
  • We install the highest security quality equipment from renowned Security Appliance suppliers.

Out of contract emergency calls outs and maintenance visits

  • Although we provide an out-of-contract emergency call out visit,please be aware our customers under maintenance contract have higher priority and therefore we may not be able to respond to your call in a timely manner.

Installationof Smoke Alarms andFire Alarms